Good Governance: Hanford Now asserts that the people of Hanford, CA have the right to a responsible, open, and honest government that serves every Hanford citizen, encourages citizen engagement and respects the right to representation.

Quality Public Education: Hanford Now affirms the right of every Hanford citizen to an affordable, equitable, and excellent public education.

Healthy Community: Hanford Now upholds the right of Hanford citizens to health, safety, and peace of mind in their personal lives, in their civic communities through strong, well managed public safety. Healthy, supportive communities promote engagement, personal success, and a stronger economy.

Responsible Fiscal Policy: Hanford Now affirms that, in order to provide services to the people, the government must be funded by the people it serves. Revenue and spending policies must treat every Hanford citizen equitably, must be sustainable, and must adequately support the city government’s duties while remaining fiscally responsible.